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The Four Best Practices to Successful Prospecting

Using miEdge™, up-to-date, trusted business intelligence is critical to prospecting and lead generation strategies. How do you use that information to guarantee successful prospecting?

Prospecting is routinely viewed as an evil task and an incredible time sink by many professionals, but we all know you need to consistently fill the sales funnel with qualified leads to grow revenues. You can troll social media, access old or out of date information venues or hope that customer referrals will keep you afloat. Nothing replaces a trusted source of current business intelligence to find the companies that are ready to hear from you.

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Case Studies

miEdge helps a broker agency win a new account worth $100k!

The Insurance industry seems to be under the constant pressure of change.  Changes in regulations, costs and services have impacted how a Broker Agency will keep their current clients and find new ones.

Transitioning from small groups to larger or vice versa is a common topic of conversation for employee benefit producers. Acquisition of new clients was previously accomplished through word of mouth referrals, but rising costs and fewer choices have created an environment that is sensitive to price and welcoming to competitive bids and services.

We recently had the opportunity to meet a long-time miEdge customer at the Workplace Renaissance in Florida, Dan Thompson, Healthcare Consultant and Advisor/Partner, Gulfshore Insurance.

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Learn How miEdge Turns a Cold Call Into A Warm Hand-Shake!

Finding the right prospect can be a challenge and always seems to take too much time. Let's face it, prospecting isn't what most of us want to spend our time on, but it is the most important activity required to grow and maintain your business.

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Latest News

miEdge hires Jonathon Carpenito to join sales team

New Boston, NH July 22nd, 2019, miEdge, is excited to announce the hire of Jonathon Carpenito as Sales Executive. Jonathon’s addition to the growing miEdge Sales Team is a clear reflection of the company’s continued expansion and rapid growth. 

Jonathon’s experience spans over twelve years in sales and leadership positions and several years working with both prospects and customers to evaluate and implement solutions for information security, website optimization, data analytics, business process automation, CRM and sales, service and marketing automation. Prior to starting his sales career, Jonathon was a combat medic in the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division (LI), completing multiple combat tours.  

Darin Vick, miEdge Chief Sales Officer comments, “I am thrilled to welcome Jon to our team. miEdge is truly grateful to all of our amazing Veterans. miEdge was honored with the 2018 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration Award and we are ecstatic that Jon agreed to join our team. Jon brings not only his incredible military experience, but his outstanding Sales career to miEdge.”  

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miEdge releases Property & Casualty v2.7 with expanded Workers’ Compensation information

New Boston, NH, June 20th, 2019 miEdge™, the premier provider of prospecting and data solutions for the insurance industry announced release of Property & Casualty version 2.7. miEdge subscribers now have the unique ability to research and analyze expanded Workers’ Compensation data across the U.S.

Launched in September 2018, miEdge Property & Casualty prospecting continues to offer subscribers numerous enhancements and upgrades. Workers’ Compensation Estimated Premiums and Assigned Risk Employers were added to v2.7 and provide expansive, searchable metrics, enhancing the existing company historical summary.

Mark Smith, CEO, miEdge comments, "miEdge P&C is totally unique and outrageously cool. miEdge Smart ID allows for a single identifier for each unique employer and this becomes a game changer with the Network Effect of more data being added daily.  Being able to see an employer’s data across all states and not siloed like many of the single disciplined data providers allows for insights never seen before.”

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miEdge adds C.O.P.E data to Property & Casualty platform

New Boston, NH February 25, 2019 miEdge, the premier provider of prospecting and data solutions for the insurance industry announced the addition of C.O.P.E (Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure) data to its Property & Casualty prospecting application. miEdge subscribers now have the unique ability to research property information for both clients and prospects. Key metrics required for the underwriting submission process are now available in one place and include year built, construction type, assessed value as well as protection class, flood, quake, hazard profile and crime data.

miEdge Property & Casualty was released in September 2017 and the most recent version, 2.5.6, includes numerous enhancements and upgrades. Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification data is included and provides a detailed historical summary and evolution of company’s Experience Modification including revisions. Class code, bureau number and alternate names and address location lookup are included and easily exportable.

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Customers Who Have the Edge...
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miEdge is the first tool we have found that can provide us real time 5500 data intelligence. The data is up to date and accurate so we feel confident using its dynamic search feature to find companies that may be out of compliance. As a UBA member firm, our partnership with miEdge is invaluable.
Trygve Halverson
Vice President, Granite Group Benefits
Customers Who Have the Edge...
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miEdge has been a life saver on time and energy to identify the right prospects in our area! It's up to date technology and sorting features makes it easy to track, identify, and develop the proper marketing strategy to land new business. We would highly recommend this system to all.
Bryan G. Yates
Business Serv & Dev Advisor, The Bagnall Company
Customers Who Have the Edge...
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We have used FreeERISA, Judy Diamond and many others, but nothing compares to the user-friendly miEdge system. Their 5500 information is very accurate and updated regularly. We've found this gives us a distinct advantage when meeting with a prospect to discuss fees and whether they are in compliance. If you're considering purchasing a prospecting database, I would highly recommend you contact the miEdge team for an overview.
Tim Elkin
Regional Territory Executive, Vitals-SmartShopper
Customers Who Have the Edge...
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Landmark Benefits has been using miEdge for a couple years and have found the product to be instrumental in our dramatic growth during this time.
Thomas M. Harte
President, Landmark Benefits, Inc.
Customers Who Have the Edge...
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miEdge has allowed DeWitt Stern to focus its energy on the market segment that fits our service model. miEdge is not just a user friendly competitive data base, but a resource which enables us to create comprehensive client specific intelligence used in peer benchmarking. Our client and prospects appreciate the fact that we have taken the time to understand them before we meet. miEdge made the public 5500 data always available, usable in a dynamic, but accurate format. We look forward to growing with you.
Edmund J. White
Managing Director, DeWitt Stern Group Planning Services, LLC.
Customers Who Have the Edge...
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miEdge has been a game changer for prospecting! Easy to use, tons of search parameters, easily extractable data and great customer service. I can’t imagine doing without it! Thanks miEdge!

Michael Rider
Employee Benefits Insurance Agent, AssuredPartners NL
Customers Who Have the Edge...
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miEdge has been the most effective prospecting software I have ever used. I literally feel like I'm cheating every time I log in.
Anthony R. Cabana
Vice President-Benefits, Cross Insurance

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