Rough Notes, November 2012 - Navigating A World of Opportunity

miEdge™ delivers employee benefits business intelligence to producers in real time. By Nancy Doucette

Nicole Jones-Gyllstrom, CIC, knows a good thing when she sees it. However, when that "good thing" provides her organization with a competitive advantage, she's not one to shout the news from the housetops. "I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to be interviewed for this article," she says with a laugh. "Candidly, I haven't been telling anybody outside our organization about this product because it really gives us an edge. It's changed my game completely."

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miEdge Wins TechOut Startup Competition

Insurance Industry Positioned to Serve Clients More Efficiently with Revolutionary Hi-Tech Solution.

New Boston, NH, December 1, 2012 - miEdge™ the premiere business intelligence provider for insurance industry employee benefits professionals today announced that it was named  the winner of the 2012 inaugural New Hampshire TechOut Competition . This award recognizes miEdge™ as the first company to successfully design an affordable and intuitive user interface to manage, sort and save the expansive public data available from the Department of Labor Health/Welfare Employee Benefits. 

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miEdge Launches Innovative Business Intelligence System for the Insurance Industry

Cutting-edge Technology Increases Transparency and Competition access to Real Time data, compliance alerts and maximizing Centre’s of influence.

New Boston, NH, January 2, 2012 - miEdge™ today announced the launch of a premiere business intelligence system for the insurance industry.  The miEdge™ system captures  Department of Labor Health/Welfare Employee Benefits data and  applies sophisticated search engine technology creating an intuitive user interface to sort, save and easily manage the expansive public data.   miEdge ™gives access to real time data, compliance alerts and maximizing Centre’s of influence.

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